How to Craft Jewelry

How to Craft JewelryDo you want to learn how to craft jewelry, but don’t know which type of jewelry to master?

Your choices are close to infinite. You can get the knack of how to craft jewelry using styles from ancient Mayan, Aztec, Egyptian, Roman, Greek, early Indian, African, Mexican, Hawaiian, or Native American jewelry. Finally, you can get the hang of making jewelry from any historical era, including: Medieval, Renaissance, or Victorian times.

The array of available materials for making jewelry is also quite something. Amateur jewelry can be made from glass beads, feathers, leather, wire, buttons, coins, seeds, and twines. Professional jewelry can use any precious or non-precious metals, and any precious or semi-precious gemstones. There’s men’s and women’s jewelry, pet jewelry, doll jewelry, and even cell phone jewelry.

When it comes to learning how to craft jewelry, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The key point is making up your mind on which type of jewelry to master, so as not to lose your precious time. Here are some guides on how to craft jewelry on an array of types:

How to Craft Jewelry – Necklaces

To make a necklace, you first need to determine what material you want it to be made of. Let’s assume that you want to knot a hemp twine necklace. You’ll need to get an even and smooth “20 lb” hemp twine of your favorite color or the popular “natural tan” color, and knot it using macrame. If you wish, you can wax your twine, and maybe even add some beads to liven it up. Once you create the necklace, you’ll need to add a metal clasp to it, to be able to close it on your neck.

How to Craft Jewelry – Rings with Stones

Making rings with stones is a bit more involved, yet very doable. You’ll need to equip yourself with a plain ring, a precious or semi-precious gemstone, and either prong-closing pliers or regular flat pliers. You’ll need to make a setting, center the gem and gently close the prongs around it. The same knack will help you create pendants and earrings with stones.

How to Craft Jewelry – Earrings

Handcrafted earrings come in an astounding variety of forms and shapes to choose from. Let’s say you wish to make a pair of pearl hoops. You’ll need to use pearl beads, bead tips, beading wire, special wire cutters, ear hooks, pliers, and glue. Slip the pearls onto the thread, tie the knots, and dab some glue onto each knot. Close the bead tips around the knot add ear-hooks and close them, all with the use of pliers. You’re done.

How to Craft Jewelry – Clasps

Jewelry clasps are used to close bracelets and necklaces. The most common types of jewelry clasps are: hook, lobster claw, spring ring, fishhook, fold over, and barrel. Jewelry clasps are easy to make using a half-hard 14-18 gauge wire, flush cutters, and a pair of pliers with smooth jaws.

There are a number of good books, videos and classes that can teach you everything about handcrafting jewelry. Learning how to craft jewelry makes for an excellent new hobby. Moreover, you can also start to sell your jewelry. Thousands of people make and sell their jewelry both, online and locally. One of the best places to sell handcrafted jewelry is on eBay.