How to Tell If You Have ESP

Ever wondered how to tell if you have ESP? If you think you might have ESP you probably want to know how to develop it and use it to help yourself or other people. The good news is that there is plenty of help available for those who want to develop their gift of Extra Sensory Perception.

If you have ESP, your skills are not static. This means that with time and practice you can become psychically stronger as you develop your talent. It may be a good idea to learn as much about your gift as possible. Study the latest research on ESP and try to discover how developed your gift is and how to use it to your best advantage.

So how can you find out if you really have ESP? If you know who is on the phone before you pick it up or have dreams that seem to come true, do you have ESP or are these just coincidences? Most of us have had these or similar types of experiences, perhaps you have been overcome by bad feelings only to discover later that something horrible has happened. But is ESP really a special ability or do these types of things happen to most people at least once, maybe more?

You may even have heard that all humans have some degree of sixth sense that isn’t clearly understood. The Association for Research and Enlightenment says that those who has ESP can send or receive information without using any one of the five senses namely sight, sound, taste, touch and smell.

So what does this mean for those trying to understand their psychic gifts? To really qualify as having ESP you need to be able to communicate in one of the following five categories:

Telepathy – this is a form of mind to mind communication. You will be able to receive messages from the mind of another human or in some cases animals too with this from of ESP.

Clairvoyance – If you have ESP with clairvoyance you will be able to see events or objects from within. People who have clairvoyant ESP are able to use their ‘inner sight’ to see events that will happen in the future or have happened in the past.

Pre-cognition – If you have ESP with pre-cognition you are able to foretell events that are going to happen in the future.

Retrocognition – If you have ESP with retrocognition you will be able to see things that have already happened. People who have retrocogniton sometimes help the police to piece together the events of a murder or abduction.

Psychometry – Having this form of ESP means you can touch an object like a hairbrush or item of clothing and will be able to learn its history.

But is it only world-renowned psychics like Sylvia Browne and John Edward who have ESP or can ‘ordinary’ people like you and me have it too? Famous psychics claim to have been born with the ability to talk to the dead, see into the past or future and touch objects and know their history.

Edgar Cayce, himself a renowned psychic believes that all of us have some ability to use and practice ESP. In fact he said that ESP was a “natural ability of the soul.” Experts from ‘The Science of the Paranormal’ say that we may all have psychic abilities. However they are very poorly developed in most of us and can’t really be utilized without practice.

So if you believe that you have ESP you are encouraged to exercise your skills and abilities in an effort to determine where they are particularly strong and might be able to be developed into a powerful form of Extra-Sensory Perception.

There are several exercises and even types of equipment that you can make to help you develop your ESP. For example you can use Zener cards. Zener cards are a set of five cards which have a specific symbol on each. Zener cards were developed by Duke University to test people’s degree of psychic strength. You can use the cards to find out if you have ESP by guessing which symbol is on a particular card.

You can also learn how to make contact with the subconscious mind which will strengthen your ESP. Using a variety of methods as psychic levers you can improve the ideo-motor response. The ideo-motor response is the way in which the muscle tension in the body is responsive to subconscious stimulation. It is possible to learn to control them using a pendulum, Ouija board or a random field device.

You can also make an Energy Wheel at home using a lightweight rotor which spins until you tell it to stop and change direction. (A nifty party trick if nothing else!). It is claimed that as you develop your ESP you will be able to control the rotor with your mind even if it’s several feet away.

According to experts the way to get your ESP to sit up and take notice is practice, practice and more practice. This means that the more work you do to develop your psychic powers the more you will be able to enhance them. Concentrating on your ESP and experimenting with it without distractions may be all that you need to uncover a world of possibilities.

If you think you have ESP why not try out a Web-based ESP tester. This is a test that asks a number of questions which are randomly generated. You are given varying chances and get different scores depending on how close you are to correct. You’ll probably need the Shockwave plug-in to run the test and it’s recommended that you repeat the test as many times as you like to see if your skills are getting stronger.

Most scientists, do not, as yet recognize the existence of ESP and other paranormal phenomena. However they do admit that about 55% of natural scientists and 77% of academics in the arts, humanities and education feel that ESP either does exist or might exist. Those are interesting figures!

The main reasons why ESP has such a dubious reputation lies with its results not being quantifiable. But this might change in the future as more data on ESP becomes available to the scientific community. So if you think you have a gift why not explore it too see how far it takes you? Have fun with your Extra-Sensory Perception experiments!