How to Conjure Spirits

Conjure SpiritsHow to conjure spirits, and is it possible?

The only way to make sure is to try it. Bear in mind that contacting the paranormal can be dangerous. One may need to train for months and even years to learn how to conjure spirits properly. In this article, we provide some anecdotal rituals and information on how to conjure spirits of fire, air, or water. Please, use this information for educational purposes only, and not as a guide or a call to action.

Conjure Spirits – The Spirits of Fire

The spirits of fire are sly, cunning and evil entities that one needs to be wary of. Their kingdom is the molten magma in the center of the earth. Their lord is called Baal. During the first conjuration, Baal sends a slave spirit instead of coming himself. It’s advised to insist on the personal appearance of Baal, to gain the most out of the conjuration.

How to conjure spirits of fire? One needs to light a candle, hold it in their left hand and wet the index finger and thumb of their right hand. Then one has to recite an incantation in a loud voice. The conjurer threatens to extinguish the candle if the spirit doesn’t obey. The legends state that Baal will then rise from the floor in smoke and flames. Fire spirits are conjured in a dark room illuminated only by one candle, when the new moon is in Virgo. It’s best not to call these spirits in the winter. The spirits of fire are believed to help ignite the flame of love.

 Conjure Spirits - The Spirits of Air

Air spirits are wild, rude, and reluctant to serve people. However, it’s believed that some of them are gentle and diligent enough to be conjured. The spirits of air prevail in the earth’s atmosphere, and are used for urgent assignments. Their lord, Ariel, is a clever diplomat, who will agree to anything, but then try to rid himself of any liabilities. Therefore, these spirits need to be captured until they accomplish the task that was given to them by the conjurer.

How to conjure spirits of air? At eleven o’clock on a stormy night, one needs to go to a hill in an open field. Then, one needs to tear off a corner of their shirt and firmly attach it to a stick. The stick has to be plugged into the ground like a flag. There should be a circle drawn around the stick, where the conjurer has to stay until midnight. Then the conjurer will place their left hand onto the stick, put their right hand out towards the east, and recite an incantation in a strangled voice. The storm is supposed to stop, then resume again, and the spirit should appear.

Conjure Spirits – The Spirits of Water

The spirits of water are entrusted with the treasures of the seas, which they brag about and try to seduce people with. How to conjure spirits of water? Even though there are guides on how to conjure spirits of water, these low and insidious spirits are best avoided.

To recite an incantation properly, one must:

1) Not tell anyone about their intention to conjure spirits, or the outcome thereof.
2) Refrain from food, and drink only water within 24 hours prior to reciting the incantation.
3) Recite the incantation with no errors.

Bear in mind that one needs to be patient and careful in order to learn how to conjure spirits safely and accurately.