How to Build a Solid Wardrobe – Women

womens Solid WardrobeAre you interested in building a solid wardrobe?

If like most women your life is a mixture of work, social events, keeping fit and ferrying the kids from sports events to music practice you probably own a variety of outfits.

Having said that, do you still feel like you have nothing to wear?

The trick to always looking stylish is to build a solid wardrobe. One you can count on to be flexible and adaptable to your varied life style while at the same time being affordable and timeless (who wants to buy new clothes every month because they have gone out of style?).

The clothes in your closet need to WORK TOGETHER. You can build a solid wardrobe that is both affordable and practical with very little fuss if you follow some simple guidelines. Here are some suggestions on how to build a solid wardrobe.

Step 1: Understand What ‘Wardrobing’ Is

When you build a solid wardrobe you need to think ‘simplicity’. Your choice of clothes should feature those with clean lines that are both casual and comfortable but well chosen enough to create a professional image.

‘Wardrobing’ is a system of buying (or making) clothes in a few basic colors that all work together. In so doing you can create multiple outfits from a few basic outfits. If you master the art of wardrobing you can create different outfits for seven weeks with just eleven garments! Now that’s something we can all use and we are going to show you how to do it.

Step 2 – The Eleven Garments

The eleven garments you will need to build a solid wardrobe are:

* 2 pairs of pants
* 2 skirts – one in a solid color and one in a print or check
* 2 simple tops – one in a solid color and one in the same print as above
* 4 tops, in colors which coordinate with the solids
* 1 simple cardigan or jacket in a solid color

Ensure that your formula works by picking two basic colors and adding a third complementary color. Next, make sure the print has the two basic colors in it. You might chose beige and navy as your two basic colors and a skirt in gold plus a print in navy and beige. Your four simple tops can be the fun items in your wardrobe. Try adding other colors like rust or ivory to this formula.

Choose colors that flatter you. Navy and burgundy with accent color like ivory and pink. If in doubt choose black and white and a world of accent colors really opens up since anything goes!

Items Women will need to build a solid wardrobe:

Step 3 – Other Items You Need to Build a Solid Wardrobe

* One cardigan – in one of your basic colors
* 3 long-sleeve tops in tones that coordinate
* 1 long skirt in a print
* 1 blouse or top in the same print
* 1 knee-length skirt in a solid color
* 2 more pairs of pants in tones that blend with your color palette

If you don’t enjoy wearing skirts, simply replace them with two good pairs of pants or vice versa. Just make sure you stick to the formula.

Hints and Suggestions for Wearing Your Garments

Notice that printed items are kept to a minimum in a solid wardrobe. If buy a lot of printed fabrics you will soon find that your options are extremely limited since they really only match themselves or one other item. Choose prints very carefully.

With this wardrobe plan the printed items match least two and maybe three of the solid colors. In this way you know that these garments will go with everything and you can even split the top and skirt up and wear them separately.

A note on two-piece garments for example a skirt and blouse in the same fabric. Always wash or dry clean both pieces together even if you haven’t worn one of them to avoid one piece of the set fading.

To build a solid wardrobe that works you need to have all eleven items and stick to the color palette. Having only one or two or skipping items won’t work.

Once you have at least step one figured out you can introduce some new colors to add pizzazz. This will lead to even more combinations. You may find you have groups of clothes that work together – just make sure you have the first eleven garments.

Fabric Choices

If this is a business wardrobe choose suit-type fabrics and silk for the tops. If your wardrobe is more casual choose casual fabrics like denims, cottons or knits

You might find that after wearing them for a while you get tired of the selection of garments. If this happens, simply spice things up with a vest in an interesting fabric. Choose one that works with at least three of your items in your solid wardrobe. You could also invest in a scarf in an unusual fabric.

Step 4 – Know How to Wear Your Solid Wardrobe

Mix and Match your outfits to create a new look for each day. Spend some time trying on your clothes to find looks that work and are unique. Do this by rotating shirts, shoes and belts or sweaters.

Layering is a great way to ensure a slightly different look that adapts well to after-work or lunchtime entertaining. Try a white shirt under a navy jacket or striped t-shirt with pants under a cardigan. .

Try to alternate the outfits so that you don’t wear the same thing each day or the same combination of clothes too regularly.

You can build a solid wardrobe for casual wear in much the same way, using the tips and suggestions above. Just dress down your choices for a smart-casual look. You will find that some of your shirts can double up for both formal and casual wear. If you build a solid wardrobe that suits your environment, personality and above all your budget you’ll never look dull and are sure to always have something stylish to wear.