How to Safely Get a Tattoo or Body Piercing

tattooBody-piercing’s and tattoo’s are very ancient forms of adornment, and they are highly fashionable nowadays too.

If you decided that you want to have one of these permanent jewelries you will have to think about how to safely get a body-piercing or tattoo.

You can’t let yourself be butchered in one of those unauthorized piercing or tattoo shops, where besides body-jewelry you can get a disease too.

How to safely get a body-piercing? Let’s see some things you should consider before you make the final decision of getting pierced.

The most important thing to consider when you enter a piercing shop is that it should be scrupulously clean!

The piercer should wear disposable latex glows and use sterilized utensils.

Knowing how to safely get a body-piercing means that you should know something about the body piercing tools the piercer uses.

The needles should be completely sterilized, and immediately disposed of in a medical container after they have used.

You should know that piercing guns are never appropriate; they are often dangerous when used on anything other than earlobes.

The knowledge of how to safely get a piercing comes with information on the jewelry too.

1. The jewelry should be appropriate in size, material, design and construction.
2. The material should promote fast healing.
(Gold plated, gold-filled and sterling silver jewelry is never appropriate on new or unhealed piercing.)

After you get a piercing you should be informed of the proper after-care measures.

There are situations when even the most standard body piercing is not recommended.

You should get a doctors opinion if you have a heart disease, if you have a skin or tissue abnormality that may include but is not limited on rashes, lumps, bumps, scars, lesions, you shouldn’t try to pierce an irregular or surgically altered anatomy, you shouldn’t insist on getting a piercing if your body doesn’t agree with it. Piercing is not recommended, if you want to get pregnant in the near future, or you are already pregnant. In this case you should allow your body to focus on this important, complex and demanding task it is handling already.
How to safely get a body piercing is equal to the question how do you choose the right piercer.

In this era of blood born diseases you have to be very careful in choosing the person who will perform the piercing on you.

When you are checking out piercing studios you should look first for an autoclave. If they don’t have one, you shouldn’t let them pierce you. (If the dont have an autoclave how are they sterilizing their equipment?)

After you located the autoclave you should ask for their spore test results.

A spore test indicates if the autoclave is working properly.

The most important thing you have to check is if the piercing studios are reusing the needles!

All needles should be in individual packages and they should be opened in your presence.

You should check out if the studio is clean or not.

You should look at the personnel too, are they clean and neat? The walls are washed, the carpets vacuumed, the toilets are clean? If you feel they are not, then it is probably best to walk away.

You should ask for recommendation.

If you have friends, who had piercings or tattoos, you like how they look, and they didn’t have any trouble in the healing process you should ask them where they got them.

You should check out the piercings jewelry selection.

They should have a variety of types, measures and designs.

The studio should have an after-care sheet, where it is explained what should you do after you get your piercing or tattoo.

Don’t forget to ask about a license too.

We hope that if you decide to get your piercing/tattoo you will be careful and you will look gorgeous with it!

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